John Milkovich for Congress


Open Letter to our Friends

We were contacted by a pastor from Many on election night. Since then, we have been contacted by multiple voters.

We have now confirmed that independent voters who were legally eligible to vote for us, and who attempted to vote for us, were precluded from voting for us. We are now investigating to determine how many voters were affected. There are approximately 80,000 independent voters in Western Louisiana/the 4th Congressional District.

The preclusion of independent voters from voting in the Congressional primary raises several concerns. Independent voters should not be denied, nor deprived of, their constitutional right to vote. With the importance of the upcoming November elections, it is crucial to bring problems to light to help ensure that these elections are fairly and correctly conducted.

Please call (318-425-1957) and/or email ( if you are aware of problems with the elections, including independent voters being precluded from voting in the Congressional Primary.

Carola, Sarah, and I thank you for your prayers, support, and contributions in our campaign for Congress.


John Milkovich


The Federal government and special interests have almost doubled gas prices in 2 years; shipped our jobs and factories overseas and across our borders; allowed our borders to be overrun; raised our taxes on working people; given tax breaks to billionaires; sent the cost of drugs skyrocketing; taken away medical decisions from doctors and patients and lined the pockets of HMOs; endangered our Constitutional rights and freedoms; and assaulted our Traditional Values.

It's time to Stand Up to special interests in Washington. It's time to Stand Up for our Faith, Families, Freedom and Future. I'm Standing Up now to high Gas Prices with our America First Energy Plan.

It's time to Stand Up for Louisiana!

--John Milkovich

John Says "No" to the Bailout


    I respectfully urge, in the strongest possible terms, that you please vote against any proposal which would allow Wall Street bankers or other investment banks to profit from our pain, receive treasure from our tragedy, or unfairly benefit from this bailout.  Thus, for example, taxpayers should not be forced to reimburse investment bankers 100 cents on the dollar on bad loans, for which bankers paid 30 cents on the dollar.  The concern that bankers may exploiting this predicament for their own profit, is underscored by the fact that large investment banks are buying up the bad loans in the wake of negotiations on a taxpayer-financed “bailout”—possibly in hopes of the taxpayers being forced to pay hundreds of billions in these bad loans .

    Simply stated, the taxpayers should not be gouged for the gain of those that operate on Wall Street.   This purported Banking Crisis should not be exploited as an opportunity to transfer an immense amount of wealth from the taxpayers to Wall Street.

    It would be unfair for taxpayers to be forced to pay for the speculative ventures of others. It would be inequitable that citizens should have to pay for investments that they didn’t make and from which they had nothing to gain. It would be unjust that Wall Street should be allowed to transform this nation’s loss into leverage.

    Moreover, not one cent of American taxpayer’s money should go to reimburse foreign banks that tried to buy up American mortgages. Foreign banks took the risk Foreign banks should bear the loss.

    While it may be needful to stabilize the financial markets and ensure some level of liquidity in the Capital Market, investment bankers should not be allowed to use this credit crisis as an opportunity to obtain Welfare for Wall Street— or a Windfall for Wall Street. 

    I ask that your actions be guided not by an agenda to line the pockets of the investors on Wall Street— but a mission to protect the people who live on Main Street.                                                                                                    

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