John Milkovich for Congress

Our Team

"I have never met a candidate who is more in line with our values or expectations as bible-believing Christians than John Milkovich."*

-Reverend Denny Duron

*Endorsement made in individual capacity


"During my 12 years in the Louisiana legislature, I was fortunate to meet and get to know quite a few people around the northern part of our state. I grew to form a great appreciation and trust for many of these individuals who came out to participate in grassroots politics. One such supporter is now running for a seat in the US House of Representatives.

John Milkovich is an energetic young man of high moral values whose word is his bond. He has served the public through professional, church and community activities for many years, working with all socio-economic groups, and is well prepared to be your voice and conscience in national government.

John is a devout Christian and public servant. That is what we need and deserve from someone serving us in the US Congress.

Please join me in supporting John Milkovich for the office of US House of Representative from the fourth district of Louisiana. To successfully fulfill the duties of this office, one MUST be willing to devote themselves fully to the position and John has made that commitment.

I whole-heartedly support John Milkovich for the US House of Representatives."

-Beverly Bruce, Retired State Representative – DeSoto and South Caddo Parishes


"I've known John for quite a few years now, and he is an outstanding family man and a good Christian. He has always been hardworking and will battle for us when he gets to Washington."

-Dr. O.K. Bailey, D.D.S., Shreveport


"I have known John Milkovich for over seven years as a personal friend and attorney. During my acquaintance with him I have found him to be a man of great integrity; he is loyal, honest, and dependable and works untiringly making his community a better and safer place in which to live.

John is a family man, a Christian, a humanitarian, and a man who has devoted most of his life through his legal career defending the indigent and less fortunate in the realms of legal services.

John Milkovich’s knowledge of the law, his legal experience, his compassion for his fellow man and devotion to the community, along with his leadership ability, his persistence, and perseverance in working until a task is accomplished makes him the perfect person to represent our district in Congress.

It is with great pride and confidence that I endorse John Milkovich for United States Congress, representing the 4th Congressional District of Louisiana."*

-Pastor Rickey L. J. Moore, Sr. D.D.

*Endorsement made in individual capacity


"When our house caught on fire just a few months ago, John was right by our side. His dedication and loyalty to helping everyone in Louisiana is endless--that's why I'm supporting him in his run for Congress."

-Pam Bailey Hooks, DeRidder


"John is a devout Christian whose beliefs are our own. He will bring his and our values to Washington and stand up for us and what we value."

-Marvin R. Bailey, Beauregard Parish, Cattle Rancher


"John Milkovich is a dear friend and a conservative Christian whom I respect deeply for his many deeds for the community. John can be trusted to stick to his guns and fight for the people of Louisiana."

-Mel Yarnell, Unofficial Mayor of Bossier City


"John Milkovich is a man with a vision. Where there is no vision, people are left unprotected. I endorse him as our next United States Congressman."*

-Apostle Cornell Hamilton

*Endorsement made in individual capacity


"The steps of a good man are ordered by God, and I endorse John Milkovich to represent the 4th Congressional District in the United States Congress.”*

-Pastor Calvin Kimble

*Endorsement made in individual capacity